free and discount Branson show tickets from Branson Family Retreats

Discount and free tickets to Branson shows and attractions are not an illusion (although we do have ace illusionists like Reza and Dustin Tavella).

Here are the best places to get your discount Branson show and attraction tickets:


1. Free tickets when you stay with Branson Family Retreats

Putting the ultimate easy button at option numero uno: Book your stay with Branson Family Retreats, and you get free tickets plus concierge service for all your tickets.

With over 25 of the tippy top best shows and attractions on the list of free tickets, you’ll save on your ticket budget for sure.

Some of our favorites that are included:

The number of free tickets depends on how long of a stay you book. So the longer you explore Branson, the more free tickets you get.

On top of that, Branson Family Retreats is an authorized ticket seller for Silver Dollar City, White Water, and Showboat Branson Belle with access to special packages, including family reunion pricing, unlimited drinks wristbands, and meal vouchers.

Branson Family Retreats is a small family business with curated vacation home rentals purpose built for families like yours. No timeshares, vacation clubs, or anything of that sort.

Your time is precious, and we do your best to ensure your time is spent the way you want: with your family, enjoying one another and the Branson area.

2. Book directly at the theatre box office

Going direct is always an excellent way to get the best price on tickets (only if you’re not staying with Branson Family Retreats and getting free tickets).

  1. Go directly to a show or attraction’s website
  2. Check for specials or promos
  3. Call their phone number or book online

Booking direct will also support the family theatres in saving them additional fees that they may pay to ticket marketing sites. 

3. Local grocery stores

Sometimes local grocery stores or your AAA travel office will have a coupon booklet you can pick up. This isn’t all the time, but it’s worth checking out.

Locally owned family business, All Access Branson is an authorized ticket seller for most every show and attraction in Branson.

We love that they’ll even deliver any hard tickets to your lodging for free.

They also have a super cool interactive calendar where you can choose the show or attraction you’re interested in from the drop down bar, and the show times or hours of operation will appear on the calendar.

Tell them that Branson Family Retreats sent you over!

Branson 2 for 1 Tickets aka “the Purple Building” is truly 2 tickets for the price of 1 ticket or a discounted rate, we’ve checked! No timeshares, no tours, no bull.

You’ll find many shows and attractions available, but you do have to go into their building to make your purchase. There is no phone or online ordering. They don’t have all the shows and attractions, but they do have a lot of them.

Also note that the show tickets will be vouchers that you then take to the box office, so some extra steps are involved.

But if they have the show or attraction you are wanting, and you’re willing to put in the extra time to buy in person and redeem vouchers at the box offices, it can help on your budget!

5. Timeshares

Yes, you can get free tickets when you sit through a timeshare presentation and go on a tour.

Do we recommend it? No. But this list would not be complete without talking about this option.

If you plan to use this route, be prepared for many hours of time in a very hard sale type of presentation. There’s a reason there are several services who advertise getting people out of timeshares they regret purchasing.

Some people are very happy with their timeshare purchase. Many others are not.

Our recommendation: Use one of the other options we’ve shared on this list for free or discount Branson show tickets. Your time is valuable, and you may not want to spend hours and hours in a timeshare presentation.

6. Choose free things to do

Branson and Table Rock Lake have many free things to do, too!

Between hundreds of acres of conservation area, a multitude of nature trails, as well as parks and playgrounds, there’s lots to explore.

Add in the museums, the historical downtown, Branson Landing, the drive-in movie behind Cakes N Cream, as well as people watching, you’ll find many free activities to fill in between the shows and attractions.

In fact, we’ve even got a guide to free things to do:

Before you go:

Have you peeked through our purpose-built vacation homes yet?

You just might find that staying at one of our curated properties gives your Branson experience some extra joy.